NLP 100 hour Beginner to Advanced Course

NLP is an emerging domain and is a much-sought skill today. This course enables students at zero to gain advanced expertise and be industry ready

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Why NLP now ?

The pace at which text is generated has grown ~20X in last 6 years. Improved access to network, texting apps, social media has led us to create a lot of data including text. Marketing Analytics is used by Marketing Departments to identify sentiment of product among users. Content publishing houses like Medium or Quora rely completely on NLP to power their recommendation engines. Twitter, FB, LinkedIn uses NLP to identify trending content. Health care industry is working on patient records to simplify diagnosis and improve treatment. Customer support departments across world are deploying chatbots

About the Course :

The course is heavily focussed on hands on experience with an objective that a student successfully completing the course will be able to build REAL LIFE application and ready to be absorbed by industry. There is equal emphasis on teaching underlying concepts, algorithms The program’s curriculum design is aligned with industry requirements and covers a wide range of tasks in Natural Language Processing from basic to advanced. 

The numbers : 

Modules 7
Evaluating quizzes 7
Capstones 3
Teaching hours ~50
Hands on hours ~55





Instructor-led live classes

  Date :
Batch II Waitlist
Oct 1 - Oct 1
(Availability - 51 seats)
  time :
7:00 AM - 8:00 AM IST
  type :
Live Classroom
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Batch schedule date
  • Oct - 2019
    • Tue1

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  • What are prerequisites for the course ?

    Students are expected to have basics of Machine Learning and python. THESE WILL BE TAKEN CARE BY US :)

    You can walk in with zero knowledge.

  • What are the charges for the course

    This is a heavily subsidised course. We charge 1 paise / Second which translates to 3600 INR for 100 hours course