NLP 100 hour Beginner to Advanced Course with Python

NLP is an emerging domain and is a much-sought skill today. This course enables students at zero to gain advanced expertise and be industry ready

Classes are conducted on Zoom calls with 24*7 unlimited access to recordings for 9 months

2 weeks no questions asked full refund plus no cost EMI available with our partners.

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During the mentoring phase, we share 25 solved Data Tales which are nothing but beautifully woven stories with code, data, visuals and insights

Our curriculum is continuously monitored, reviewed and updated by Industry expert

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Get our slides, tutorials, Codes, Assignments with solutions, Class notes, Use cases with codes for life.

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Module 1: Text Understanding

Word forms : Morphology,Diversity,paradigms;

Structures and Meaning : Lexical Knowledge

Phonetics and Phonolgy, Morphology,

Lexical Analysis, Semantic Analysis , Pragmatics

Module 2: Text Processing

Word and sentence tokenisation,

Regex Applications

Wordnet and webscraping ,

Stanford Core NLP,

NLTK, Spacy, Frequency Distribution,

N Gram analysis

Stemming, Lemmatisation, Parsing,

Wordnet, Pos tagging

Module 3: Text Modelling

N Gram Models, Smoothing, Backoff, Interpolation

TFIDF and Supervised Classification with word2vector

Clustering and Latent Semantic Analysis


Module 4: Classical NLP

Wordnet, Pos tagging

POS tagging - Fundamental principals, challenges, accuracy

HMM, Viterbi, Forward and backward pass, baum welch algorithm

Chunking, Probabilistic parsing,

ambuguity parsing, Constituency parsing,

Module 5: NLP applications I

Question answering(chatbot)

Machine Translation - the problem, State of art, challenges

Stastical Machine Translation

Email Author Identification

Named entitiy Recognition

Neural Machine Translation

Module 6: NLP applications II

Neural Machine Translation

Information Extraction, Summarisation,

Summarisation, question answering

Word sense disambiguation implementation using practise code

Text similarity on Quora using semantic similarity measures

Discourse Representation Theory

Module 7: Deep Learning for NLP

Representing text through RNNs,

Word2vec skip gram model,

Recurrent neural networks for N-gram models,

Understanding LSTMs

Tensor flow and Keras refresher and LSTM implementation

Module 8: NLP for social Media

Social Media analysis - Applications I
Social Network analysis - Applications II
Social Media analysis -Challenges
Influence Propogation in Social media

Module 9: Use Cases

Deception Spam in reviews Detection -

Review Analytics on Amazon ratings

Identifying author of email - enron dataset

Call center records classification - Major Insurance provider

Predicting Heart warming stories for The Positive India

Similarity of Questions - Quora


Module 10: Capstones

Capstone I

Capstone II

What are prerequisites for the course ?

Students are expected to have basics of Machine Learning and python. THESE WILL BE TAKEN CARE BY US :)

You can walk in with zero knowledge.

What is price for the batch 3 ?

The course is priced at 25,000 INR.

It includes :

  Access to 70 hours of Live Classes

  30 Hours of recorded sessions

  Recording access for 1 year

  Content access for Life time

Cashbacks, Discounts and Payment modes

  • We offer 4000 INR cashback for everyone who completes all assignments and quizzes
  • EMI , Credit Card, Debit card and netbanking are available modes of payment

Am not sure of quality of course. Any material ?

You can access our first 5 classes, two solved use cases and ppts of last batch here -

Do you have session wise curriculum ?

What is class timings ?

Tue and Friday - 7 AM to 9 AM starting Nov 12


Cinque Terre
Prudhvi Potuganti


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