Our Learners - Transition Stories

Shravya Ch 

Getting admission and being youngest in the class for prestigious MDS program by IIIT Hyderabad is best achievement of my life. Thank you so much for being such a great support during the entire journey.  Your way of simplifying concepts and analogies made learning so much fun, plus availability of mentor helped me make a successful career transition

Role : Machine Learning Engineer, Phenom People

Shreya Mukherjee 

Thank you from bottom of my heart for End to End DS course. I have successfully become a Data Scientist now. I loved mentor's teaching style. Having graduated in Bio Medical with no coding exp, I made it because of good teaching, assignments, mentoring. This course CAN MAKE ANYONE A DATASCIENTIST. SL is the best thing that happened to my life.

Role : Data Scientist, Cognizant

Devendra Patil 

I recently got promoted to a data role  Thanks to the course which has a very structured approach and captured all the market requirements for working professionals. Mentorship, Assignments have made a lot of impact on my learning. This is the best course I would recommend to anyone. 

Role : Manager - Reporting HUB, General Mills

Ashwini Naidu 

Being part of SL for last 6 months and learning has made me feel more confident about the subject. The Data Tales preparation, process of learning from it has enhanced my Knowledge well. Feel lucky and privileged to be a part of the course and then work for the organaisation as well.

Role : Data Scientist at Acies

Anchal Sarraf 

Prudhvi’s way of teaching is simple and interactive. The entire course is organized well with quizes and assignments which helps to learn and understand the topics efficiently. The best part is he keeps himself available for all his students to guide and motivate. It feels great to have a mentor like him, whose  teaching is simple, interesting and great.”

Role : Automation @ NTT Data 

Siddharth Singh 

I have received admits from all the universities, I have applied. This would not have been possible if I didn’t have the guidance and support from Prudhvi. Starting from the mentorship program till date, it was a great experience under him. Learning from him gave me the knowledge and confidence to do independent projects which helped me showcase my skills  I am glad to have him as a mentor.”

Role : Associate, Financial Analytics at BlackRock

Bhavesh Shah 

“ I have never come before any course on NLP being taught with such clarity, depth and breadth and this one is by far the best based on my experience! SL's  learning tips always work for me. The  passion for holistic development in learning – deep workbook, your affirmations  , etc have helped me a lot SupervisedLearning.com is the best thing that ever happened to me in last few years of my education.”  I still remember the first class on probability - no one ever explained it so intuitively. 

Role : Data Science, US based MNC

Edward Praveen 

“ I didn’t have any knowledge in NLP before joining this course. The course fee though very affordable, has maintained very high quality. I never faced any difficulty in putting forward queries even in virtual mode. Also, mentor is one gem of a person, who always wants his students to achieve the heights and also provide them opportunities to work with him if he sees passion in them. I often find him tagging the students with opportunities in LinkedIn. This clearly demonstrates his love for the students. The mentor also guided me with POC which was not relevant to the course and suggested some excellent courses to achieve my target.”

Role : Data Scientist, Ruah Tech Solns

Tejaswi V 

“Prudhvi is one of the best trainers I have ever seen. I have been mentored by many tutors who held the best degrees but not many could be at par with him.  His approach to teaching is very different and thoroughly knows the best way to deliver the subject. His strategy of building the fundamentals and connecting the dots to evolve into the actual subject with interesting analogies is impeccable.  He has laid a bridge between theory and real time experience by providing excellent and exhaustive Data Tales  and the best place I would recommend to learn Data Science will be SupervisedLearning.com”

Role : Machine Learning Specialist, Accenture

Vidhya Chandrasekaran 

There are hundreds of courses out there that gives the top down approach starting with libraries and very few that gives a bottom up that starts with Syntax/Semantic view of language along with mathematical intuition.   Explanation like the one in the recent class as to when to do a square root and when we divide for normalization is what sets your class apart. I have never seen that level of explanation anywhere and we go by memorizing the formulas. 
“I really like the course and the depth of the content. "

Role : Global Data Science - Paypal

Ranjith Gonugunta

“I have been learning statistics and probability since school days. But I should admit I have never understood these topics as I have done during this course. I wish this understanding of these topics culminates into better understanding of ML/DS on a whole. Thank you!”

Role : Senior Data Engineer, Graigner

Rajesh Gupta 

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have learned a lot from you and this course. My sincerest thanks for an awesome course.
The best part about your hands-on notebooks is, I have used every package before but the way you take an extra step and come up with intuitive and deeper stuff, it's so much fun. Wishing you the best in your next venture

Role : NLP at Expedia Group

Harish Julapalli 

As a student of NLP 100 Hours program, I can say that, it is the best course and very affordable. The instructor is great and everyone in class would agree.
1. Great case studies weekly, and some good code along sessions.
2. Good interactivity during the sessions, for clearing doubts. 
3.Best of all, a good opportunity for networking. 
Finally I can say that, it was great course for a NLP enthusiast like me 

Role : Senior Data Engineer, Pepsico

Mohit Ranawat 

I am really happy to inform you that I have just shifted my domain to DL in my company. The course helped me gain confidence and your teaching with practice helped me acquire skills.  The practical examples from the class not only helps in particular problems but also helps you to think widely for any problem. 
I’ve checked two of the advanced data tales and I must say these are the best things I have seen till now. I love these data tales. So much to learn from them.

Role : Senior Applied Data Scientist, Dunhumby

Aadarsh Pandey 

NLP for 100 hours course by supervised learning taught by Prudhvi is one of the best course available in AI/Data science space, right from covering the theoretical concepts in detail to hands on using python with real world use cases, course gives complete inside of all the topics. Prudhvi is very punctual and motivates each and every member through his personal attention. I recommend this course to everyone who is looking out course in AI space.

Role : Manager at EY - Business Consulting

Veena Vemula 

Great course! Would recommend to all of you who are looking for a career in Data Science field. Amazing to see a course designed with all essential strong components right from basics to advanced ML and NLP topics. Prudhvi takes it in a very comfortable pace in such a way that even the most complicated topics are easily understood. The hands on provided is excellent with all the required guidance. I would very strongly recommend to undoubtedly opt for this course. Prudhvi’s passion in training is incredible. Appreciate his patience and support always.

Role : Analytics Manager at Investa Property Group, Sydney Australia

Hemu Chowdhary 

One of the best courses I have take.   Classes  have been so worthwhile! He has an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable, and always keeping it light and fun.  Everything from the videos to assignments are amazing and informative. It has helped me tremendously. I encourage everyone to take it.

Prudhvi Sir is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how he presents the material. His lectures were engaging, useful, and he always encourages his students to try. I would highly recommend Supervised Learning to anyone interested in learning Data Science.  Rigorous practice modules really churn out the best in you.

Role : Programmer Analyst, Moody's Analytics

Vasu Madasu 

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value
For me data science is story telling. This place will definitely make you a good story teller! Content, for End to End Data science, is well structured and the mentor comes with great knowledge and articulating ability. Continued learning approach of having problems to solve and a mentor to guide post course completion is a great option to have! Would recommend this to anyone considering to venture into the Data World!!

On a personal front, I have skipped 2 batches due to my other priorities. Prudhvi has been very responsive and accommodating to consider my case for all lame excuses I had and put me in the batches that came after!! Glad to have an opportunity to write this review!!

Role : Manager , Demand Planning at Chewy

Ankit Nayan 

Prudhvi is the best instructor I have ever met. He is best at teaching and always try to give his 100 percent which helped me to sharpen my fundamental concepts in statistics, python, machine learning. It was totally worth joining supervisedlearning.com and I am looking forward to learn more. 

I have made a successful career transition and secured a data role right out of the college. Thanks to the course - End to End Data Science.

Role : Data Scientist at Sigmoid

Jitendra Chowdhary 

Prudhvi’s teaching style is excellent. He is very knowledgable and explains every topic in a deep and detailed way. The course material provided by supervisedlearning.com is very good. The people who afraid of Math, those must join Prudhvi's classes He will clear all your doubts and the assignments which he provided, I personally gained a good grip on the subject after completing those assignments. After the live classes, we get mentoring from him, and we get to work on real-life scenarios.
So, I would definitely recommend his classes.

Role : Sr. Engineer at Moody Analytics

Mani S 

Thank you Prudhvi !!!! for reviewing my Resume and NLP 100 hours course Based on your feedback I have landed a job within one month of time. NLP live sessions are really good and all the doubts can be cleared immediately since that is not possible in recorded session. Quality of the Jupiter notebook content is also too good. Good place to learn NLP!!!!!

Role : Senior Data Scientist at TCS

Akhilesh Gandhe 

No doubt that content is in depth & it is very good. Compared to all other e learning sites, the way it is taught, the data tales are very helpful. If you're really looking for sustaining in the Industry by giving your best, this course is for you.

Role : Data Scientist at Sigmoid

Avijit Nandy 

Awesome place to learn analytics. I recommend this place. 

Role : Sr. Engineer at Moody Analytics

Sai Krishna D 

Learnt a lot during my experience here and it has been very helpful for my career later on. More importantly, the basics of statistics and probability are well taught which enables one to pick up advanced concepts even on their own. The ML and NLP were taught in a very detailed fashion. 

Role : Data Engineer, Civic Data lab

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